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The Minibed Gardening Trilogy

Minibed Gardening is a comprehensive new framework for gardening success. It was developed by Herrick Kimball in 2016. CLICK HERE for a brief overview of the system.


This Trilogy of yearly reports from 2017 to 2019 has 130 pages and 250 photos. It is packed with ideas and inspiration. CLICK HERE to learn all about what's in this PDF Trilogy download.

PDF Download: $15.95

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CLICK HERE to go to a selection of Minibed Gardening videos from YouTube


Planet Whizbang Idea Book For Gardeners

This is a book for gardeners unlike any you have seen before. The large-size paperback has 124 pages and 100 illustrations. It's packed with useful ideas, historical insights, and inspiration for anyone who loves to garden. It also has directions to a secret internet web site with lots of great photos and further information. CLICK HERE to learn all about this unique book. (paperback copies are signed and dated). 

Paperback Price: $21.95

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PDF Download: $12.95

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Whizbang Bucket Irrigation & Fertigation

I created these bucket irrigation kits back in 2012. They are ideal for occasional deep watering of individual plants or small groups of plants. THIS VIDEO shows me using bucket irrigation on fruiting tomato plants in my Minibed garden. You can also use these for fertigation. The fittings are all brass, so they will last a lifetime. Buy the kits from me and you supply a buckets. I have a whole web site about deep watering and fertigation at  

Irrigation Kit Price: $16.75 each

(shipping to USA is $8.50 for any quantity ordered)