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About The Minibed Gardening Trilogy

By: Herrick Kimball

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To Purchase The Trilogy Report

Some people think that Minibed Gardening is nothing more than using black plastic mulch, or that it is just a variation on Mel Bartholomew's Square-Foot gardening, or that Minibeds translate into mini yields. Those are total misconceptions.


If you want to have a better-informed idea of what the Minibed Gardening system is all about, CLICK HERE to read an overview.

After two full years of Minibed Garden experimentation (and nearly 40 years of total gardening experience), I'm persuaded that there is no other home gardening paradigm that is so smartly-integrated, manageable, and downright satisfying. 

Without the benefit of expensive marketing and flashy news stories, Minibed Gardening is slowly but surely gaining a devoted fan base by way of my blogs and Facebook posts. I like to think of the whole concept as spreading organically-without a lot of artificial inputs. 

I'm not saying Minibed Gardening is the single best solution for every home garden situation, because it isn't. But it's a joy to garden with Minibeds, and if the highlights of the system resonate with you, then check it out. It may prove to be the best gardening decision you've made in your life. Here's a summary of what's included in the Minibed Gardening Trilogy...

Report #1, (published in 2017) is 27 pages long. It presents the fundamentals of my system. It tells the story of how I came to develop it (with profound thanks to the late, Thomas E. Doyle).


Report #2, (published in 2018) is the meat-and-potatoes report. I could have easily made it more than 70 pages long after my first year of Minibed gardening, but 70 pages is enough to really get you into the Minibed gardening mindset (and off to a great start with your own Minibed garden). 

Report #2 has 106 topic-specific "Bits," which are like mini chapters. First, I evaluate the status of the plastic mulch and other components of my one-year-old experimental garden. Then I delve into the question of whether or not black plastic mulch is safe to use in an organic garden. 

I tell you about Will Bonsall's cover-the-earth fertility phenomenon, and the 1876 farming book where he learned about it. I expand on the importance of healthy soil biology for gardening success, and how to properly care for your microherd.

I discuss the cover crops I used in my 2017 experimental garden, and the specific fertilizers I use (including Minibed dosages). I tell you about the organic-approved, bioinsecticide I used (my first-ever insect spray). 

I provide a 4-part lesson about hybrid seeds, and explain the legitimate reasons why some people hate hybrid seeds. But I also clear up some widespread misconceptions about hybrids, and tell why I love hybrid seeds (but I love non-hybrids too!).

I explain my routine for between-crop bed prep, minibed hoop cloches, corner planting, template planting, circle planting, catproofing, seed-starting, transplanting, and undercover mulching. 

And, of course, I provide detailed information (with photos) about planting schemes, with results for numerous vegetables, including...

Tomatoes, onions (potato, pearl, and storage), bush beans, peppers, cabbage, ground cherry, melons, celery, broccoli, Brussel's sprouts, cucumbers, summer squash (yellow and zucchini), New Zealand spinach, beets, carrots, parsley, garlic, strawberries, watermelon radishes, and potatoes.

In Report #3 (published in 2019) I give an update on the Minibed garden infrastructure after two full years of gardening. Then, in 40 topic-specific Bits I provide further insights into Minibed gardening. 

I've compiled these three Reports into the Minibed Trilogy you see pictured at the top of this page. It is a resource for serious home gardening like you will not find anywhere else (see my satisfaction guarantee P.S. at the bottom).

The Minibed Trilogy is 130 pages long and has 250 photos. I like to think of these combined reports as the next best thing to visiting me in my Minibed garden, where we have a wide ranging discussion about gardening in general, and Minibeds in particular. 

One of the great things about a PDF file is that the PDF viewer on your computer will allow you to really zoom in on the pictures. The other nice thing is that you'll find clickable links for all kinds of internet resources, including my Minibed Gardening videos on YouTube. 

CLICK HERE to purchase a PDF copy of the Minibed Gardening Trilogy. After you complete your payment, you will receive a download link via e-mail. It all happens automatically. If you have any problem with the pdf download, don't hesitate to contact me:

Yours truly for Minibed Gardening satisfaction,

Herrick Kimball

P.S. If you aren't completely satisfied with my Minibed Gardening PDF Trilogy, just let me know and I'll promptly refund your payment. But.... if you are inspired and pleased with the gardening system I present to you in this report, I sure would appreciate it if you let your social media gardening friends know about it. And I thank you for that!

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