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Shipping To Canada 


We ship a lot of orders to Canada and we appreciate getting those orders. But our PayPal buttons are not geared for figuring the extra cost of postage. That being the case, PLEASE send an e-mail ( requesting a price quote for what you want. This is very important. Here's why...

If you place an order before requesting a quote, then cancel the order after I send you an invoice for the added cost of postage to Canada, I am still billed by the payment processing company for the transaction processing fee.


Canadian customers order, then cancel, so frequently that the loss amounts to hundreds of dollars every year. This is powerfully discouraging for me as a small business owner.

I have no control over the postage cost to Canadian addresses. It is what it is. I don't make money on postage. I charge you only what it costs me over and above what it costs me to ship to an American address.

Truth be told, I actually lose some money on Canadian shipments because the payment processing company charges me a fee on the extra shipping cost, and I don't pass that on.

Again, PLEASE send an e-mail and request a quote. I'll figure the added cost of postage and send you an invoice, with the added cost of postage figured in, and you can pay the invoice with your credit card. Thank you!

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