For The Workshop 

Bright Betty Bam-A-Lamps!

Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 5.42.56 PM.png

The Bright Betty Bam-A-Lamp emergency lighting-in-a-jar now has it's own web page. CLICK HERE  for how-to instructions, safety information, and to order parts kits.


Classic Carpenter's Sawhorse Specifications

Finished Cover Sawhorse.jpg

This 8-page specifications package is a    companion resource. It provides specific dimensions to go with my YouTube video, How To Make A Classic Carpenter's Sawhorse (click to watch). These specifications are available either as a PDF download or, for a couple bucks more, I'll send you a paper copy in the mail (the paper copy is black&white only).

PDF Specifications Download: $4.95

Now On Sale: $2.99

Paper Copy by Mail: $6.95