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 For The Workshop 

Heirloom Step Stool Specifications

New in 2023

It's simple. It's attractive, it's sturdy, and it's built to last a lifetime. For  pictures, how-to videos, and to purchase an inexpensive specifications package CLICK HERE

Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 5.42.56 PM.png

Bright Betty Bam-A-Lamps!

The Bright Betty Bam-A-Lamp emergency lighting-in-a-jar now has it's own web page.

CLICK HERE  for how-to instructions and safety information.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Classic Carpenter's Sawhorse 

Finished Cover Sawhorse.jpg

This 8-page specifications package is a    companion resource. It provides specific dimensions to go with my YouTube video, How To Make A Classic Carpenter's Sawhorse (click to watch). These specifications are available either as a PDF download or, for a couple bucks more, I'll send you a paper copy in the mail (the paper copy is black&white only).

PDF Specifications Download: $5.95

Now On Sale: $4.95

Paper Copy by Mail: $9.95

Whizbang Chisel Sharpening Jig

I developed this fast and oh-so-simple Whizbang chisel sharpening system when I worked in the building trades. I sell already-made jigs and PDF plans. CLICK HERE for full details and ordering buttons. 

Chickenhead Door Knocker Plans

Everybody loves my chickenhead door knocker. And everybody will love your chickenhead door knocker... if you make one. Watch the short video, then CLICK HERE for full details and to purchase the PDF plans.


Whizbang Soap Display Stands

I designed these soap display holders back when my wife had a soap-making business,   CLICK HERE to see a few more views. If you want the 4-page PDF plan to make these, here's the order button...

PDF Plans Download: $3.99

oiled clothespins beauty shot.jpg

Make Heirloom-Quality Clothespins

People who use clothespins know that it's impossible to buy a dependable clothespin in any store in the land. That's what prompted me to develop the Classic American Clothespin. I sell specifications and high-quality, made-in-the-USA, stainless steel springs. This is an advanced woodworking project. Make clothespins for yourself, or for gifts, or as a craft business. CLICK HERE for details.

toe-tapper faucet switch #1 (1).jpg

Whizbang Toe-Tapper Faucet Switch

This is one of my favorite inventions. I made it for our outdoor summer sink, where we not only wash garden vegetables but process poultry. The Toe-Tapper allows me to turn the water on and off with my foot (or a hip-bump) thus freeing up both of my hands.  I sell PDF specifications so you can make your own Toe-Tapper, or you can buy an already-made one from me. CLICK HERE for full details (there's a YouTube video too).

RefCabs Cover872.jpg

Cabinet Refacing How-To 

I literally wrote the book on kitchen cabinet refacing, and I developed some specialty tools to help get the job done right. This book is from the 1990s, and the resources in it are outdated, but the the craft skills and how-to are not outdated. CLICK HERE for details.  Or you can purchase the book with a mouse click right here...

Paperback Price: $18.95

(Plus $1 for USA Shipping)

countertops book031.jpg

Laminate Countertop How-To

This is another book from the 1990s. It was the very first book I ever wrote and was published by The Taunton Press, publishers of Fine Homebuilding magazine. As with my cabinet refacing book, the resources in this book are outdated, but the basic how-to skills and methods of work have not changed. Making laminate countertops is something I had years of experience doing when I wrote this book. There is no better manual on the subject.

Paperback Price: $18.95

(Plus $1 for USA Shipping)


Cabinet Refacing Tools

I developed Refacer's Multiple Use Tools (MUTs) and the "Veneer Slick" when I was a professional cabinet refacer. I sold a lot of these specialty tools after my Refacing book came out. Then I didn't make them for over ten years. But in 2018 I rounded up the last of my old materials and made one more production run of MUTs & Slicks. CLICK HERE for full details.

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