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Herrick's Writings

By: Herrick Kimball

This Agrarian Life At YouTube

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I have made numerous YouTube videos. CLICK HERE to go to my YouTube channel.  

The Deliberate Agrarian Blog

Back in 2005 I started a blog and titled it "The Deliberate Agrarian." Eleven years later, with nearly 5 million views and 1,000+ essays, I left that blog. But it is still there, and it  contains some of my best writings. Here is a selection of links to some of my favorite essays from The Deliberate Agrarian...

Upland Blog

After The Deliberate Agrarian, I blogged for a year at Upland. Here are a few essays from Upland...

The Deliberate Agrarian 2.0 Blog

I closed down the Upland blog after a year and launched The Deliberate Agrarian 2.0. Here are a few essays from TDA 2.0...

The Deliberate American Blog

The previous blog lasted about a year and I left it to start yet another blog. The Deliberate American is where I'm now blogging. Why so many blogs? I don't have a good answer to that. But I can tell you that if you leave a very popular blog and start three new blogs in three years, the few people that follow you to the new blogs are like old friends. My rambling days are behind me now. I intend to blog at The Deliberate American for a long time. Here are some selected essays from my current blog...

Agrarian Nation Web Site

Agrarian Nation was a web site I established to share excerpts from my collection of Old Farmer's Almanacs. CLICK HERE to visit Agrarian Nation.

Diary Of An 1892 Farmer's Wife

Josephine Jordan was my great, great grandmother. She was a farmer's wife in Northern Maine. I have her diary for 1892. She wrote one line a day. CLICK HERE to read her story.

2010 Deliberate Agrarian Haiku Contest

One of the funnest things I ever did on the internet was have an agrarian Haiku contest. CLICK HERE to read some great Haiku poetry.

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Writings Of A Deliberate Agrarian

This is my Christian-agrarian memoir. It is my least known but best loved book (check out the kindle and paperback reviews at Amazon). The book contains 32 essays, most of which were originally published in my first year of writing The Deliberate Agrarian Blog. I still have some paperback copies...

Paperback Price: $12.95

(Plus $1 for USA Shipping)

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