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Herrick's YouTube How-To Videos

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I have created a wealth of free how-to information on my YouTube channel over many years. The videos are categorized into playlists. The playlist links below are your keys to a world of video information and inspiration.

Simply click the red-letter links and go...


Projects, Skills, Products & Advice For Self Reliant Folks

I worked in the building trades for 25 years, and learned some things along the way.

The title says it all. If you're a gardener, this playlist is for you!

Small beds yield big, satisfying results with this low maintenance gardening idea. 

Gardening inspiration not related to the Minibed system here.

My 2022 potato mound growing experiment was a definite success.

Here's a low-maintenance idea for strawberry growing success. 

My very first YouTube video went viral. This is it, along with three more follow-up vids.

When you invent a chicken plucking machine, you need to make a few poultry videos.

Momma always used to say, one-off videos are like a box of chocolates...

Years in the making, and an amazing transformation.

Some how-to for my fellow EBAY side hustlers.

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