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Planet Whizbang is a homestead-based mail order business that has been creating and selling products on the internet since 2002. We do not have a storefront, and we have never had a business phone. We use e-mail for virtually all business communication. We also do not have any employees, so when you send an e-mail it comes directly to me (Herrick Kimball), and I will answer it. You can count on it.

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Thank you for contacting Planet Whizbang. If you have asked a question, you should should hear back from us within a few minutes. Or, if we are overwhelmed with things to do (it happens at times), within 24 hours .

Our Mailing Address

If you would like to send a check or money order for an order, or contact us by mail for any other reason, our mailing address is...

Planet Whizbang

5604 Murphy Hill Road

Moravia, NY 13118