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Herrick's Heirloom Step Stool

Make These Sturdy, Attractive Step Stools

For Your Children, Your Grandchildren,

And Other Special People


I created this stool design back in 1987 and have made many of them over the years. The inexpensive 9-page pdf specifications package (available below) is a companion resource to the following two YouTube videos. 


Purchase The PDF Specifications  Here

step stool pdf .jpeg

This pdf download is 9-pages long. It has all the measurements you need, along with some tips, and the 2" high Times New Roman font that I show how to use for carving in the YouTube video above. 

If you want me to mail you a copy of the pdf (USA addresses only), that purchase option is  below. The printout is not in color. Black & white only. 

PDF Specifications Download: $5.75

Now On Sale: $4.75

B&W Paper Copy By Mail: $9.50

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