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Bright Betty How-To & Parts Kits

Make Your Own Convenient,

Ever-Ready, Off-Grid Lamp In A Jar


I created the Bright Betty Bam-A-Lamp emergency lighting-in-a-jar design back in 2011. My intention was to create a web site with a how-to tutorial, but I never finished it. Then, in 2022 I put together a YouTube video (see below) showing exactly how to make a Bright Betty. That video went viral and the Bright Betty Bam-A-Lamp is now a worldwide phenomenon!

If you would like to make your own Bright Betty Bam-A-Lamps, check out all the videos below. Update: As of June 26, 2023 I no longer sell parts kits.


This open-flame emergency lighting device is not UL approved and is a potential fire hazard. It should be used with great care only by responsible adults and NEVER left unattended. Do not make one of these lamps if you are not willing to assume all responsibility for any damage it may cause. 


Purchase Bright Betty

Bam-A-Lamp Parts Kits Here

Two Options...

Option #1

Four Kits (with wire)


I sell these parts kits in groups of four, as pictured. Each kit has a 10" long fiberglass wick, a flared copper wick holder, and enough 18-gage, galvanized steel wire to fabricate the coiled holder I show in my how to make a Bam-A-Lamp video.


Option #1: Four Bright Betty Parts kits (wick, wire & flared copper wick holder)

$26.95—Postage Paid to any U.S. Address

Out of Stock. No longer available.

Option #2

Four Kits (no wire)

If you already have wire to make the coiled holder, you can save money with this option.  Any wire between 18 and 12 gage (the lower the gage, the thicker the wire) that can be bent without breaking can be used to make the coiled holder. You can also purchase the wire in any hardware store.


With this option you are purchasing 4 flared copper wick holders with 4 ten-inch fiberglass wicks, as pictured . 

Option #2: Four Bright Betty Parts kits (wick & flared copper wick holder -- No Wire)

$22.95— Postage Paid to any U.S. Address

Out of stock. No longer available.

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