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Buy Plucker Parts Here

We started selling poultry plucker parts on the internet in 2005. As of January 2021 We've decided to stop selling the parts in order to free up more time for other pursuits. The one exception is the amazing Kent C-25 rubber plucker fingers. We will still be selling the fingers (see below). Other parts will be available here until they are sold out.

 Featherplate & Shaft


These Whizbang featherplates are 3/16” thick and 20-1/2” diameter. My plan book recommends a 1/4" thick aluminum featherplate, but that is thicker than is needed. I've sold well over a thousand of these 3/16" aluminum feather plates without any problems.

The plate has 66 finger holes (3/4” diameter for the Kent C-25 fingers). I chamfer the back side of each finger hole so the fingers pull in more easily. You can see in the middle picture above that I also round over the top and bottom perimeter edge of the plates. A square edge is much more likely to cut the skin of any bird legs that manage to slip over the edge.
These plates are 1/4” smaller in diameter than the size I show in my plan book. If you use a 55-gallon plastic barrel for your plucker tub, the featherplate should work just fine. I haven't heard of them not working. 


The shaft is made of sturdy, wobble-free, 1-inch diameter carbon steel. The top surface of the mounting flange is machined so it is  precisely 90-degrees to the shaft. This translates into a smoother running featherplate.


There is no keyway on the end of the shaft. It isn't needed. The 16" driven pulley is securely attached to the bottom of the shaft with a drilled indent in the shaft, as explained on page 36 of the plan book

The top flange has a 1/4” diameter hardened steel pin positioned exactly in the center of the shaft. The pin indexes into a center hole in the featherplate, and all the bolt holes are predrilled. Attachment bolts are included.

Featherplate & Shaft Price $189.00

(Postage paid to the 48 continental State—Ships by UPS Ground). 

Out of Stock as of 7/18/20

We are no longer selling this item. 

NOTE: (not a Planet Whizbang Company) can supply you with a featherplate, shaft, and some of the other parts you need to build your own chicken plucker.

Kent Fingers

Kent C-25 Plucker Fingers


The Kent C-25 was developed by Kent Tomlinson in the 1940s. It is renowned in the poultry processing industry for it's durability, longevity, and plucking ability. Amazingly, this finger has been made by the same small family business in Chicago for three generations.

The C-25 is unique among plucker fingers for two very big reasons. First, and most importantly, it's made with natural latex rubber. No synthetic rubber can match natural rubber when it comes to durability. CLICK HERE for a testimonial and more information about natural rubber's durability. The C-25 fingers in my original Whizbang plucker are now nearly 20 years old and not one has broken. They will eventually start to break, but it hasn't happened yet!


The C-25 is also unique in its shape. It tapers from round in cross section at the base to elliptical at the tip, and the tip has a distinctive raised crisscross.

Another important factor... Kent C-25 plucker fingers are USDA approved for use in food processing equipment (documentation can be sent upon request). 

Specifications: Kent C-25 plucker fingers are designed to fit through a 3/4" diameter hole. The insertion groove around the base of the finger is 1/16" wide, but the finger will stretch to fit though and grip onto material up to 1/4" thick. Once installed, the finger  stands 3-1/8" high.
The C-25 fingers I sell are general purpose poultry plucking fingers. They are suited for plucking chickens, turkeys, geese, and ducks. 

Kent C-25 Finger Price: (see drop-down menu below)

( Free shipping to the USA). 

Idler Arm Hardware Kit

Idler Arm Hardware Kit

This kit contains all the hardware you need to make your idler arm and attach the arm to your plucker (as shown on page 18 of the book). That means you get a flat face idler pulley with reducer bushing, machine bolt, nut, lock washer, large flat washer, hinge, machine screws, lockwashers & nuts for the machine screws, 2 eye screws, extension spring, 7ft of vinyl coated cable (vinyl coating protects from rust and 7ft is enough to use for measuring average barrel diameter--- see page 23 of the book), and two cable clamps. Everything you need to make the arm, except the wood, is in this hardware kit.

The idler is a top-quality pulley made in the U.S. by Fenner Drives. It is 3-1/2” diameter and made of a tough, durable fiberglass and nylon composite, which means it will never rust.

I've read commentary from some plucker builders on the internet who assert that the idler pulley is not needed. They say their plucker runs just fine without it. I address this fundamental misunderstanding about power transmission in FAQ Question #40 at THIS LINK. And FAQ #41 explains the proper length of belt to use with this idler pulley.

Idler Arm Hardware Kit Price: $ 39.95

( Free shipping to the USA). 

Shebang Package

The Plucker Parts Shebang Package

IMG_9896 (1).jpg

This "Shebang" plucker parts package has been a popular item for many years. It does NOT include all the parts you need to make a Whizbang plucker, but it has all the hard to find or make parts. CLICK HERE for a complete parts list and to see what else you will need to get to complete the project.

The 16" driven pulley is steel and it's heavy (almost 12 pounds). This quality pulley, along with the idler pulley and cast drive pulley is going to give you optimum belt-drive power transmission.

If you already have the plucker plan book, I'll be glad to substitute any one of my other Whizbang paperback books. Just e-mail me with your choice before (or right after) you place your order.

Here is what's included in this Shebang package...

Pre-drilled Aluminum featherplate

Featherplate shaft

16" heavy steel driven pulley

2.5" cast drive pulley

2 @ 1" shaft bearings

Idler arm hardware kit

125 kent C-25 plucker fingers

Two stickers

A copy of the plucker plan book

Shebang Plucker Parts Package: $439.00

(Postage paid to the 48 continental State—Ships by UPS Ground). 

Out of Stock as of 2/13/21

We are no longer selling this item. 

NOTE: (not a Planet Whizbang Company) can supply you with a featherplate, shaft, and some of the other parts you need to build your own chicken plucker.

 Drive Shaft Only


If you want to make your own featherplate and need just a drive shaft, here it is. This shaft is made to the exact shaft specifications found on page 11 of the plan book.


Specifically, it is made of sturdy, wobble-free, 1-inch diameter carbon steel. The flange is 3” by 3” and is solidly welded in place. The flange has four holes drilled in the corners. The holes are sized to accept 3/8" diameter bolts.

The top surface of the shaft flange has been machined so it is precisely 90-degrees to the shaft, which translates into a smoother running feather plate. As you can see in the one photo above, the shaft also has a 1/4” diameter hardened steel pin exactly in the center. The pin sticks out about 1/4" and can be used to center your shaft on your feather plate.

The two stickers that you see in the photos are included with this item.

This shaft does not have a keyway on the end. You don't need a keyway. Just follow the instructions for attaching your driven pulley as explained on page 37 of the plan book. Briefly: position the pulley, remove the setscrew that clamps on the shaft, mark the shaft through the screw hole using a Sharpie, then drill a shallow hole for the screw to key into. I did this with my own Whizbang plucker and the featherplate-to-shaft connection has never come loose.


Plucker Shaft:  $48.95

(Free shipping to the USA)

Out of Stock as of 3/10/21

We are no longer selling this item. 

Whizbang 16" Driven Pulley

Screen Shot 2019-03-17 at 8.10.19 AM.jpg

This steel pulley is ideal for the driven pulley on your plucker. It has a 1-inch bore, two shaft set screws, and will accommodate a 4L (1/2 inch) V-belt. Cheap die-cast pulleys will work for the drive pulley (I used one on my original plucker) but a V-belt fits much better in this pulley (resulting in better power transmission) and you get a bit of a flywheel effect with the weight (nearly 12 pounds) of this pulley. 

Note: If you use a 2.5" drive pulley on the motor, and this 16" driven pulley on the featherplate shaft, your featherplate rpm will be around 270. That is ideal.


Also, if you have made your plucker to the dimensions given in the plan book, and use the combination of a 2.5" and 16" pulley, a 64" V-belt is exactly what you need. 64" will give you a nice amount of slack for the idler pulley to work with.  We do not sell the V-belts.

Whizbang 16" Pulley:  $89.95

(Free shipping to the USA)

Out of Stock as of 2/25/21

We are no longer selling this item. 

Flanged Shaft Bearings


These are the shaft bearings you need to make your Whizbang plucker. They will accommodate a 1" shaft. Two set-screws in the collar tighten down onto the shaft. Grease zerks allow you to keep the bearings lubricated. I pump some grease into my bearings every time after I use the plucker.   

Two Flanged Shaft Bearings:  $26.95

(Free shipping to the USA)

Out of Stock as of 7/27/21

We are no longer selling this item. 

2.5" Drive Pulley


I recommend a 2.5" drive pulley for your motor. This pulley will do the job. A shaft key and hex wrench are included. The center hole is 5/8".  The pulley groove is sized to accept a standard 1/2" v-belt.

2.5" "Drive" Pulley:  $14.95

(Free shipping to the USA)


Whizbang Plucker Stickers


No Whizbang plucker has been properly made unless it has at least one CAUTION sticker on it.

The yellow CAUTION stickers measure 3" x 7" and are sized to fit on the horizontal frame boards of your Whizbang plucker.

The green & white "Ask Me About My Whizbang Chicken Plucker" stickers measure 2-3/4" x 11-1/2"

These are high-quality stickers, made to take water and weather.

Set of 4 Plucker Stickers:  $10.95

(Free shipping to the USA)

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