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FREE 2020 Minibed Gardening Report

If you are a vegetable gardener, or want to be a gardener, or know someone who is a gardener, this FREE pdf Report is for you. Here's the story...

I've been an avid gardener since I was 16 years old (that was 46 years ago!). In that time I've bought dozens of books on gardening and I've tried just about every gardening idea there is. Every new idea I tried was a learning experience, and every idea had it's eventual disappointments.

But all of that began to change back around 2016 when I read an obscure, 30-page gardening booklet that was self-published by Thomas E. Doyle back in the 1960s. It was titled "Gardening Without Cultivation." That book set me on a new course of experimentation and discovery. It radically altered my approach to gardening.

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In the fall of 2016 I developed the concept for a completely new gardening system based on Thomas Doyle's book, my own years of experience, and my understandings about what is needed to grow healthy, productive plants.

My Minibed gardening system was just an idea in 2016, but before winter set in I established the infrastructure for an experimental Minibed garden, which I planted in the spring of 2017. For the next three years I tested and developed my Minibed gardening ideas in the experimental garden. I also expanded the size of the garden from 45 beds to 107 beds.

Along the way, I published yearly reports about Minibed gardening. The reports served to explain the theory behind Minibed gardening, the history of how I developed the idea, and the how-to details. My reports also chronicled my results. In 2019 I combined those reports into a 130-page Minibed Gardening Trilogy.

Now, in early 2020, with three years of Minibed gardening experimentation behind me, I am no longer withholding my final judgement on the system. I am transitioning from clinical observer to enthusiastic advocate. The experiment has been a resounding success. The Minibed gardening system has proven itself to be something uniquely special. Three words sum up the system... Manageable. Productive. Satisfying.

With all of that in mind, I have just put together the 2020 Minibed Gardening Report, and instead of selling this report I am offering it for FREE to any gardener who is looking for a gardening system that is more manageable, more productive, and more satisfying.

My 2020 Report is 13 pages long. It briefly explains the Minibed system. It has 41 Minibed gardening photos, including photos of other Minibed gardens besides my own. 

This informative and inspiring 2020 Minibed Gardening Report is FREE, with no strings attached. It is a PDF download. It's a simple process to click and download it to your desktop computer. You have to supply your email to get the Report, but I don't harvest your email, and I will not be contacting you. Like I said, no strings attached.

I do hope, of course, that once you are introduced to the logic and practicality of my gardening system, you will want to get all the details and decide to purchase the PDF Minibed Gardening Trilogy.

If you have friends or relatives who might be interested in the Minibed Gardening System, please let them know about the FREE 2020 Minibed Gardening Report. And if you are a member of any gardening groups on the internet, I sure would appreciate you mentioning the FREE report there! Here are the pertinent links...

CLICK HERE to download the FREE 2020 Report now.

CLICK HERE to get the Minibed Gardening Trilogy

For a comprehensive overview of Minibed Gardening, CLICK HERE

To visit the Minibed Gardening blog, CLICK HERE

Yours for manageable, productive, and satisfying gardening,

Herrick Kimball

Moravia, N.Y.

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The planting scheme for peppers is 4 to a Minibed. These plants have everything they need to thrive and produce with the Minibed system!

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