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Welcome to the Flying Tires web page.  Flying Tires is a post-industrial game for men that is somewhat similar to the pre-industrial game of horseshoes,


To play Flying Tires, tire sidewalls are thrown at a pin (or other marked point) on the ground 25' to 30' distant. After 4 sidewall tosses, a score is tallied. There are 3 ways to score points: Ringers (3 points), Hits (2 points), and Touchers (1 point).

Just as with the game of horseshoes when it was first played, there is no need to purchase anything to play Flying Tires. Instead, you just cut yourself 4 flying tire sidewalls out of two old tires. A couple of 16-penny nails with a bit of bright "flagging" serve as target pins. 

Flying Tires can be played on grass, gravel, blacktop, or even on packed snow.

The game of Flying Tires was invented by Herrick Kimball in 2020 and introduced to the world in a YouTube video on July 27, 2021. You can watch the 15-minute video below and learn how the game is played.

If you would like to use the official Flying Tires scorecard, you can get a FREE pdf copy at this link: Official Scorecard PDF.  Or see the scorecard photo below to make your own version.

The goal with the Flying Tires game is to encourage the gathering of men for wholesome fun and fellowship around a simple, inexpensive, challenging, and manly sport.

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