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This is a temporary web page created for the purpose of selling a limited number of "factory second" clothespins. Here's the story about this sale...

I typically make clothespins in the winter months, but this winter I am in the process of doing some extensive renovations to my workshop. The equipment I use to "tumble-sand" and finish batches of clothespins is packed away for the winter months.

The clothespins being sold here are tumble-sanded and finish-sealed but cosmetically flawed "factory seconds" that I have sorted out and set aside over the years that I've been making Classic American Clothespins.

The cosmetic flaws include such things as saw burn marks, rough wood, a worm holes, wild grain pattern, poorly defined or mismatched tooth profiles, fuzzy edges on the spring end slot or grip grooves, and so forth. Some of the wood halves may have had a small splintered edge that I carved away and smoothed with a knife. The photo above shows some packages of these factory-second pins.

None of the flaws are structural—only cosmetic. These Classic Americans are solid ash wood with the same high-quality, full-coil, USA-made, stainless steel springs that my "premium" clothespins have.

Another distinction with these factory-second pins is that I have not put any time and painstaking effort into "tweaking" the spring ends (by bending) so each pin closes as perfectly as possible. As a result, some of these clothespins may close with a slight side-bite. It's not a big deal. It doesn't result in any weakness or operational malfunction. It's a cosmetic issue that most people wouldn't even notice. 

The fact is, I typically spend way too much time making "perfect" clothespins. These factory-seconds are simply not as perfect.

The good news is that I am selling them here, as long as the supply lasts, for $1.65 each. The usual price is $2.20. This amounts to a 25% discount. Postage for any size order is, as in past years, a flat $7 (to USA addresses only).


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