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I started reading Scott Terry's blog back in 2005. I've followed his writings (now at North Country Farmer) and his podcast (The Scott Terry Show) ever since. When he started a Patreon page, I was among his first supporters. So it just makes sense that I offer special pricing on some selected Planet Whizbang products to my fellow Scott Terry Patreon supporters. Thank you, Scott, for all you have done, and are doing, to help people find success at living a more independent, agrarian lifestyle!

Most of the information products I offer here at Planet Whizbang are available as PDF downloads through E-junkie. As one of Scott's Patreon supporters you can purchase any of these downloads at a 30% discount. All you have to do to get the discount is click on "ADD PROMO CODE" at checkout. Then type HOMESTEADER in the box. When you do that, the price will change to reflect a 30% discount. That's all there is to it. After you complete the purchase, E-junkie will automatically send you a download link for the product(s) you have ordered. If you ever have a problem with getting a download (it happens occasionally), just e-mail me at:

Some of my Whizbang how-to books are still available in old fashioned paperback version. Check out the books elsewhere on this site, then come back here and you can order copies for less than I normally sell them for. The prices below include USPS shipping by Media Mail to any U.S. address. Please allow 3 to 8 business days for Media Mail delivery

Regular Price: $22.95

Planet Whizbang Idea Book For Gardeners

 Price For Scott Terry Patreon: $16.95

Whizbang Plucker Plan Book

Regular Price: $20.95

 Price For Scott Terry Patreon: $16.95

Whizbang Scalder Plan Book

Regular Price: $23.95

 Price For Scott Terry Patreon: $16.95

Plucker & Scalder Book Two-Fer

Regular Price: $44.90

 Price For Scott Terry Patreon: $22.95

We sell Whizbang poultry shrink bags through our companion web site, There isn't enough profit margin in our bag prices to give a lot of discount, but for a limited time, using the order button below, you can get a 50 shrinkbag "Easy-Kit" for $4 less than we sell them for at The bags in the 50-kit are the 10" x 16" chicken-size bags. Stop on over there for details, then come back here and get the discounted 50-kit.

50 Chicken Shrink Bags "Easy Kit"

Regular Price: $31.00

 Price For Scott Terry Patreon: $27.00

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